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* Current status of KORIL-RDF (January 2002 ~ November 2017)
Number of proposed project Feasibility Project 42
Mini Project 8
Full-scale Project 107
Total 157
Jungwon E&C & SICS (Feasibility Project)
DaerimLED & TriDiNetworks (Feasibility Project)
Clinomics & Bioview (Feasibility Project)
Ducogen & Gemsense (Feasibility Project)
TheKIBAN & Danziger Innovations (Feasibility Project)
KEVA Drone & Aerodrome (Full-scale Project)
Mates & AKOL (Full-scale Project)
ILES & Eli Etkes Sons (Full-scale Project)
Softzion & QualityLine (Mini-scale Project)
MRT International & Golanix (Mini-scale Project)
Kaon Media & Celeno Communications (Full-scale Project)
Hankuk Carbon & IAI MALAT (Full-scale Project)
Cure Cell & Orgenesis (Full-scale Project)
PPI & Effdon Networks (Feasibility Project)
KIS Pricing & Bond IT (Full-scale Project)
Optis & Inuitive (Full-scale Project)
Wiworld & Ayecka Communication Systems (Full-scale Project)
TNMS & Mobile Research Labs (Full-scale Project)
PowerSilicon & TriDiNetwork (Feasibility Project)
FN Pricing & Modelity (Feasibility Project)
M2N & NanoPass (Full-scale Project)
H3 Systems & SporTracker (Full-scale Project)
Allmedicus & GlucoMe (Full-scale Project)
JLC & Imaging Diagnostics (Feasibility Project)
M.Lab & The Video Point (Feasibility Project)
Samhwa Paints & Tzah-Serafon (Feasibility Project)
Namuga & Corephotonics (Full-scale Project)
Hyundai WIA & OMAT (Full-scale Project)
SGC Technologies & Ubiqam (Full-scale Project)
MRI & TransBiodisel (Full-scale Project)
Wiworld & Ayecka Communication System(Feasibility Project)
KMSLAB & Expobee (Feasibility Project)
LTS & HoloOr (Feasibility Project)
Atech & Proffimat (Feasibility Project)
Infosyscom & HarTech Technologies (Full-scale Project)
Innodigital & Eyesight Mobile Technologies (Full-scale Project)
Strastar & Touchoo (Full-scale Project)
NT Research & Redler Computers (Full-scale Project)
Dongbu Lightec & Oree Advanced Illumination (Full-scale Project)
LTS & HoloOr (Full-scale Project)
Mobilebus & Transgaming (Full-scale Project)
Han Infocom & LiveU (Feasibility Project)
WareValley & ARX (Feasibility Project)
PiezoElectric Technology & IPU Industries (Full-scale Project)
SGC Technologies & Ubiqam (Full-scale Project)
Datavision & BioGuard Components & Technologies (Full-scale Project)
VIZZON Electronics & NahorLED (Full-scale Project)
KFT & Ommyx (Feasibility Project)
ASN & AKOL (Full-scale Project)
Withel Chemicals & Cima NanoTech (Full-scale Project)
Ceracomp & Innowattech (Feasibility Project)
Nepes & Ray Techniques (Feasibility Project)
OrangeBee & MM&M (Full-scale Project)
GP&E & CLP Industries (Full-scale Project)
Hidea & PowerID (Full-scale Project)
White Box Robotics & Safe I (Full-scale Project)
Acetel & Playcast (Full-scale Project)
Innoasic & Advanced Semiconductor Technology (Feasibility Project)
Spina Systems & Miniframe (Mini-scale Project)
SoundGraph & Wisair (Full-scale Project)
Innoasic & AST (Full-scale Project)
PIOLINK & MobilePro (Feasibility Project)
ACS - Ommyx (Full-scale project)
GreenCross - Nanoderma (Full-scale project)
Samsung Electronics - Tessera (Full-scale project)
Justek - ACS Motion Control (Full-scale project)
KPS - Xjet (Full-scale project)
GMT - Simogon (Full-scale project)
Midotech - Techmer (Full-scale project)
Cheongsoo Elgressy - Elgressy Engineering (Full-scale project)
Hidea - Power ID (Feasibility Project)
Tisoft - N-Trance (Feasibility Project)
Xeron - Orthocrat (Feasibility Project)
B&T Solution & RTC (Feasibility Project)
Biotel & Al Hadas (Feasibility Project)
LS Industrial Systems & CartaSense (Full-scale Project)
Hantech & Xtellus (Full-scale Project)
Microface & Orbit Communication (Full-scale Project)
MobileBus & Oberon Media TV (Full-scale Project)
Nautilus Hyosung & Galileo Mobility Instruments (Full-scale Project)
Mercury - Runcom (Full-scale project)
Si4U - Designone (Full-scale project)
Orange Logics - Intech Interactive (Full-scale project)
ACS - Ommyx (Feasibility Project)
ERF Systems - Siano (Full-scale project)
Kolon - Topimed (Full-scale project)
KOST - Freeze Solutions (Full-scale project)
KGIP - S.H.F (Feasibility Project)
GreenCross - Nanoderma (Feasibility Project)
POSCO - Electrotherm (Full-scale Project)
Bid FD&C - KAMEDIS (Full-scale project)
JML - Maradin (Full-scale project)
Raybit Systems - Telrad Networks (Full-scale project)
Seeon Technology - High Tech (Full-scale project)
LG TCI - Eyesight(Feasibility Project)
JML - Maradin (Feasibility Project)
Bid FD&C - KAMEDIS (Feasibility Project)
Twelve Roses - EBT (Full-scale project)
Damocosmetics - PPS (Full-scale project)
Wow Tech - EPOS (Full-scale project)
BeAll Developers - TrusCont (Full-scale project)
eXacube Systems - Imperative Networks (Full-scale project)
LG Electronics - Sightic Vista (Full-scale project)
Samsung Electro-Mechanics - Dblur Technologies (Full-scale project)
SenPlus - Micro Components (Full-scale project)
UDP - Vigilant Technology (Full-scale project)
Virtual Builders - Tiltan (Full-scale project)
CEBT- El-Mul Technology (Mini-scale project)
Damo Cosmetics- Protein Production Services (Feasibility project)
C-Tri - NutraLease (Full-scale Project)
Radix - Exatel (Full-scale Project)
Emstone - Homenet (Full-scale Project)
Amore Pacific - Power Paper Ltd. (Full-scale Project)
DPI - 3DVU Ltd (Full-scale Project)
Expernet - Silicom Ltd (Mini Project)
HS Telian - USB4Phone (Full-scale Project)
MJEnersys - Thermo Siv (Feasibility Project)
Unison - IAI (Full-scale Project)
Yestech - Persay (Feasibility Project)
Epivallley - Infracom (Feasibility Project)
Waytotech - MPA (Full-scale Project)
Ebtech - Bar Idan (Mini Project)
Prosonic - Sunlight (Full-scale Project)
Yespeech - Persay (Full-scale Project)
MRT - Electrotherm (Feasibility Project)
Innocast - DSM (Full-scale Project)
DRTech - RTR (Full-scale Project)
Soltworks - Babylon (Full-scale Project)
Feelux - Clalight (Full-scale Project)
Aheadcomm - Wavextend (Full-scale Project)
Sunin Telecom - Beepcard (Full-scale Project)
Panagene - Kernel Biopharma (Full-scale Project)
INUS - Nextee (Full-scale Project)
Solda IT - Mobit (Full-scale Project)
Planet - Itran (Full-scale Project)
JMI - VISUS (Full-scale Project)
Mostech - Columbus (Full-scale Project)
Samsung Techwin - Sightic (Full-scale Project)
Extell - Razel (Full-scale Project)
Xtellus Korea - RED-C (Full-scale Project)
LS Cable - Lambada Crossing (Full-scale Project)
MPC - Varicom (Full-scale Project)
Academia - STS (Feasibility Project)
APST - Runcom (Full-scale Project)
Neo Telecom - Location net (Full-scale Project)
Nacetech - Razel (Feasibility Project)
Hiart - Wizcom (Full-scale Project)
OrangeLogic - Data JCE (Full-scale Project)
MC Global - ZMM (Full-scale Project)
Digito.com - Network Privacy (Full-scale Project)
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