::: Welcome to KORIL-RDF :::
All the necessary forms and documents can be downloaded from KORIL Guidelines & Forms
Please refer to KORIL-HANDBOOK in KORIL Guidelines & Forms for how to fill out applications and general introduction of KORIL-RDF project.
If there is no existing Korean partner, download Partner Search Inquiry from the website and send it via e-mail.
Use KORIL-RDF Handbook and Project forms from KORIL Guidelines & Forms to prepare for a proposal and submit it to both KORIL Offices simultaneously via e-mail.
- Korea Office : Ms. Ena Choi, Industry Analyst, ena@koril.org
- Israel Office : Ms. Deborah Schabes, Israel Manager, dvora@matimop.org.il
According to the following evaluation criteria, experts in corresponding technology fields evaluate submitted proposals.
* Project Evaluation Criteria
-Company Background company scale, R&D capability, sales, shareholder, support field, product development performance etc.
-Innovation development potential, company & personnel descriptions, project duration etc.
-Commercialization market potential, profitability, domestic and international sales capability etc.
-Cooperation & Benefit needs for collaborative research, indirect and direct benefits, projected benefits for each party, synergy effect etc.
-Budget Budget balance between each party etc.
After evaluation by experts, managers and evaluators from KORIL-RDF carry out onsite interview in order to help companies to revise their initial proposals submitted based on the results of evaluation by experts. A final grade will be given after evaluation of revised proposals.
The Board of Directors is composed of 8 in total, 4 from each country. Final selection of projects will be made by the Board of Directors.
Funding Ggreement
Disrbursal of 1st grant
Submission of interim report
Evaluation of interim report and disbursal of 2nd grant
Completion of project
Submission of final report
Evaluation of final report and disbursal of final grant
Submission of commercialization report
Approved grant is disbursed three times a year and the first payment of the grant shall not exceed 40% of total approved project budget.
An interm report form can be downloaded from KORIL Guidelines & Forms and submitted via e-mail.

Interim reports should include both techinical reports and fiscal reports.

The purpose of the technical rerport is to enable KORIL-RDF to monitor project progress, and to justify any adjustments or modifications incurred by the project to the original work plan; furthermore, to provide KORIL-RDF a viable basis for continued disbursement of the grant award.

The purpose of the fiscal reports is to enable KORIL-RDF to monitor actual expenditures on the project and to assist in decisions relating to the continued funding of the project.

The technical and and fiscal reports for interm evaluation are to be submitted within 30 days following the expiration of the interim segment of the project. The interm segment is the mid way point of the entire project period. In the case of projects, which exceed 2 years, submission of the interm reports should be within 60 days of the ending of the interim segment.

Example) January 1, 2004 ~ June 30, 2005 (18 months, a project which does not exceed 2 years)
               Date of interm report submission: 9 months(mid way point of 18months) + 30 days (1 month)
               = October 31, 2004

               1, 2004~June 30, 2006 (30 months, a project which exceeds 2 years)
               Date of interm report submission: 15 months(mid way point of 30 months) + 60 days (2 months)
               = May 31, 2005
After interm reports are evaluated by experts and KORIL-RDF, 30% of the 2nd grant is disbursed.
A final report form can be downloaded from KORIL Guidelines & Forms and should be submitted via e-mail. Final reports are to be submitted within 60 days following the completion of project.

Example) January 1, 2004 ~ June 30, 2005 (18 months)
               Date of final report submission: 18 months + 60 days(2months) = August 31, 2005
After final reports are evaluated by experts and KORIL-RDF, 30% of the final grant is disbursed.
Regardless of revenue generation, commercialization reports are to be submitted twice a year until 100 % of grant is reimbursed. Commercialization report forms can be downloaded from KORIL Guidelines & Forms
KORIL-RDF grants are subjected to repayment, up to but not beyond the total funded amount. Repayments are made at the stated repayment rate generally at 2.5% of the gross sales.