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The Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy(MOTIE) of Korea and the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), Ministry of Economy of Israel are the two Cooperating Authorities responsible for implementing this Agreement.
- Share experiences in national R&D policies and programs of each country
- Promote the activities of each private sector to intensify bilateral industrial R&D cooperation
- Facilitate the identification of specific projects or partnerships between Korean and Israeli companies that can lead
  to industrial R&D cooperation
- Coordinate and focus suitable government resources and programs to enhance commercial relations and industrial
  cooperation including the establishment of a joint industrial R&D cooperation initiative
- Give expression to the initiative through the establishment of an Industrial R&D Fund between Korea and Israel to
  support mutually agreed Industrial R&D Cooperation Projects between entities from the Parties, leading to
  commercialization in the global market and, in particular, the Asia Pacific region.
In accordance with the Agreement, Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation was established in May 2001 by the governments of Korea and Israel. KORIL-RDF supports industrial R&D projects that lead to potential commercialization and contribute to the economic progress of the two countries; furthermore, to promote and encourage joint industrial R&D collaborations between firms in Korea and Israel.

KORIL-RDF plays a pivotal role in managing joint R&D fund, an equal sum of USD 2 million per year raised by both governments and in the efficient allocation of funds to participating companies. KORRL-RDF supports approved joint projects by disbursing cash grants up to 50% of the eligible R&D cost to a maximum of USD 1M. These grants are subjected to repayment, up to but not beyond the total funded amount, should there be commercial revenues arising from the projects.
- Technology Related Event
- Industrial Delegation to Korea/Israel
- Project approval and funding to companies
- Matchmaking businesses between Korea and Israel
- Mediation and communication between Korean & Israeli government agencies
- Consultation for prospective Korean and Israeli companies for joint R&D projects